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Do you have an idea and a desire to start your own business? Possibilities is a women-owned, entrepreneur coaching company that will help you realize your goals. When you turn to us, you should be ready for action. If you have an idea that you need help with, we are the coaching firm for you. Entrepreneurship is a huge step, and escaping the security of a job that pays well is always a frightening proposition. We have an internal GPS that guides us at all times, urging us on to greatness. That big idea of yours is possible. Usually, it's something the world needs, and we are here to help you.

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Possibilities offers entrepreneur coaching to clients across Canada and the United States. We're based in Vancouver, BC, where our founder, Serru Renee, works with all types of companies and business startups. She has been an entrepreneur her entire life. Before coaching, Serru Renee owned a travel agency for 12 years. She began life coaching in 1994, assisting clients with personal development. She received training for aromatherapy and many different wellness modalities to be able to assist her clients. She has done extensive research on healthy lifestyle products and spirituality.

Be Impeccable With Your Word, Don't Make Assumptions, Don't Take Anything Personally, Always Do Your Best

Serru Renee modified her life coaching business to gear it toward entrepreneurs. She focuses on women and single parents because she is a mother of five and feels she has a special connection with today's hard-working parents. We will help you realize your place in the world as we focus on personal relationship building. Really, it's all about life and how you go through it, and that's what we need help with.


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