Our Founder

Learn about Possibilities founder, Serru Renee, and how she enjoys helping others find pleasure in life and satisfaction in achieving their desires as entrepreneurs. She blends her experiences attained as a businesswoman with the best and most current life models and practices.

Serru Renee's Journey

Serru Renee spent 2018 helping her 88-year-old stepdad regain his health. Before that, she researched the current mental health system and current lifestyle practices that affect our primary health system.

She also researched our spiritual practices, family systems, community housing, and healthy food availability, along with the current education and medical systems, music, and the connection to and interaction with, our natural environment.

The importance of how these contribute to our experiences of overall wellbeing aligned Serru Renee with advisors, mentors, and industry consultants to ensure she is now prepared to be more effective and helpful to her family, clients, and the communities she works with.

Before this time, Serru Renee invested in and learned about co-creative housing and the community process. It is with this experience gained that she discovered the real power of the social impact that healthy and educated citizens and communities make.

She is dedicated to continuous personal growth and responsibility using conscious communication models and consensus decision making to co-create while continually upgrading and adopting decisions to meet the current needs of the people of each community. It's a system of living based on social values modeled after nature's ecosystems where everything is whole, diverse, and connected. The foundational consideration is usually the environmental impact we as humans have on the natural ecosystems of fresh, clean water, air, plants, trees, animals, and food that we rely on to house, feed, and nurture our bodies, minds, and souls.

Serru Renee's Experience

Serru Renee is a co-creative community consultant, entrepreneur coach, and founder of Possibilities. She has done this since 2000. She has also been with Tribal Flower Productions over much of the same period as an entrepreneur, life and business coach, facilitator, presenter, and consultant. Serru Renee was with RPM Connections from 1989 through 2013.

Her earlier work experience included work in hospitality and retail fields as well as clerking at the land titles office, and Revenue Canada. She attained a real estate license and entrepreneurial and business skills training.

Her first business was a travel franchise which she operated for three years. She returned to school to become a life coach after working for Context Associated, an international personal development company for several years. Serru Renee has owned several businesses including a:

  • Courier Company
  • Bottled Water Company
  • Organic Food & Home Delivery Service
  • Media Company
  • Business Services Company
  • Several Health & Wellness Enterprises
  • Publishing Company

Current Positions

Serru Renee continues as a life and business coach and trainer. She is a facilitator, presenter, and developer. She is also a community co-housing development consultant.